Combat, COVID, Courts + Diversity

Lt. Col. Faye Cuevas, Intel. Policy & Strategy Officer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and fellow combat veteran, startup enthusiast, and VP at State Street, Jason Cipriano share tips on managing stress (and more) in the VUCA era. Highlights and tips listed further below are intentionally pithy and succinct. A link to the recordingContinue reading “Combat, COVID, Courts + Diversity”

Entrepreneurship with U.S. Immigration Law During COVID-19

Originally posted as a blog piece in Babson Blogs on May 4, 2020, and in truncated form in Babson Thought & Action on May 8, 2020, this is the original text with more details: Imagine being a job seeker, but not being free to accept an offer. Imagine being an employer who’s not free to hireContinue reading “Entrepreneurship with U.S. Immigration Law During COVID-19”

The Last Word: She Persisted Selling Books in Pakistan

Pakistan: known to Americans as Osama bin Laden’s last hide-out. I visited in 2010 with a colleague keen on meeting the Kalash, a unique religious and ethnic minority in the Hindu Kush mountain range along the Afghan border, a region now garnering attention as a flashpoint on the frontlines of climate change. Our trek in Pakistan to visit theContinue reading “The Last Word: She Persisted Selling Books in Pakistan”


“Don’t worry, we know it’s precious, we got this,” said a Malagasy villager, one of about three dozen unloading one-ton pallets of solar panels and equipment by hand from tractor-trailers. The odds of a disastrous drop seemed 50/50. This post describes the adaptations needed by a business to bring electricity to rural Madagascar, where 90-95% of peopleContinue reading “SOLAR WOMEN of MADAGASCAR”