Entrepreneurship with U.S. Immigration Law During COVID-19

Originally posted as a blog piece in Babson Blogs on May 4, 2020, and in truncated form in Babson Thought & Action on May 8, 2020, this is the original text with more details: Imagine being a job seeker, but not being free to accept an offer. Imagine being an employer who’s not free to hireContinue reading “Entrepreneurship with U.S. Immigration Law During COVID-19”

The Last Word: She Persisted Selling Books in Pakistan

Pakistan: known to Americans as Osama bin Laden’s last hide-out. I visited in 2010 with a colleague keen on meeting the Kalash, a unique religious and ethnic minority in the Hindu Kush mountain range along the Afghan border, a region now garnering attention as a flashpoint on the frontlines of climate change. Our trek in Pakistan to visit theContinue reading “The Last Word: She Persisted Selling Books in Pakistan”


“Don’t worry, we know it’s precious, we got this,” said a Malagasy villager, one of about three dozen unloading one-ton pallets of solar panels and equipment by hand from tractor-trailers. The odds of a disastrous drop seemed 50/50. This post describes the adaptations needed by a business to bring electricity to rural Madagascar, where 90-95% of peopleContinue reading “SOLAR WOMEN of MADAGASCAR”