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Solar Women of Madagascar

Don’t worry, we know it’s precious, we got this,” said a Malagasy villager, one of about three dozen unloading one-ton pallets of solar panels and equipment by hand from tractor-trailersThe odds of a disastrous drop seemed 50/50.

This post describes the adaptations needed by a business to bring electricity to rural Madagascar, where 90-95% of people in villages are not on any power grid.

The Last Word: She Persisted Selling Books in Pakistan

Pakistan: known to Americans as Osama bin Laden’s last hide-out. I visited in 2010 with a colleague keen on meeting the Kalash, a unique religious and ethnic minority in the Hindu Kush mountain range along the Afghan border, a region now garnering attention as a flashpoint on the frontlines of climate change.

Our trek in Pakistan to visit the Kalash began in Lahore, the home of my friend, attorney, and environmental activist Ahmad “Rafay” Alam, whose wife, Aysha Raja, opened the bookstore, The Last Word, in Lahore in 2007. Here are highlights of her story in overcoming obstacles.

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OpEd in USA Today from Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdistan is 100% different than what outsiders imagine. Locals and expatriates in the semi-autonomous region of Northern Iraq often say they feel safer than when visiting the United States. They contrast U.S. gun violence statistics with the dearth of terrorist attacks carried out on Kurdish soil. Here’s what Kurds on the front lines of fighting ISIS in 2016 wanted to communicate to U.S. and global audiences.

Cuba: blog post & award-winning case study of a start-up in Havana

This brief blog post and award-winning published case study (with teaching note and references to relevant law) present the true story of Rodolfo. A former tailor from the provinces of Cuba earning less than $1 per day, Rodolfo moved to Havana to start a hospitality business. Since then, guest reviews have placed Rodolfo’s Casa Caribe among the top ten places to stay on the island. What originally was planned to be a teachable case study of entrepreneurship expanded to include an additional part focused on the legal and ethical aspects of investing in Cuba.

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